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European Union Approves Smart Contract Kill Switch

The European Union has made a landmark move by passing the new “Data Act.” It includes a controversial smart contract kill switch provision.

This provision, a part of the legislation regulating data sharing, has sparked intense debate within the cryptocurrency industry.

The Data Act, agreed upon by MEPs and member states, aims to stimulate innovation by removing barriers to data access. It sets rules for sharing data generated through connected products or related services, such as the Interne

XRP Ledger Smart Contract Platform Provides Key Update on Launch

Evernode, a Layer-2 smart contract solution built on top of XRP Ledger (XRPL), has shared an exciting update that pertains to its launch.

In a new tweet, Evernode, which seeks to enable anyone to host and deploy smart contracts on the XRPL, shares that it might be one step closer to launch.

This is as Xahau undergoes its code audit by the Web3 audit platform, FYEO. According to the XRPL Labs CTO, who goes by the name "Richard AH" on X, the Xahau code is already finished.

The Xahau Ledger is t

Offchain Labs launches Arbitrum Stylus to expand smart contract development on Ethereum’s Layer 2 network – Cryptopolitan

Offchain Labs has launched Arbitrum Stylus, a novel tool designed to expand the programming languages available for smart contract development on Ethereum‘s Layer 2 network. This initiative aims to democratize access to Ethereum-compatible smart contract development by supporting languages that can be converted to WebAssembly (WASM), such as Rust, C, and C++.

Before the advent of Arbitrum Stylus, the primary language for Ethereum smart contracts was Solidity. The tool’s introduction marks a sig

How Can Smart Contracts Help Streamline Business Administrative Processes? – Cryptopolitan

In the complex ecosystem of business, administrative processes have historically served as the bedrock of organization and operational efficiency. At the heart of any successful enterprise lies a well-oiled machine of procedures, documentation, and protocols that ensure the seamless functioning of its myriad components. As industries rapidly evolve, so does the urgent need for more innovative, transparent, and efficient systems. Enter blockchain technology and its most promising offshoot – smart

The Future of Digital Asset Storage: Exploring Smart Contract Wallets

• smart contract wallets use blockchain, not centralized servers, to store data
• A blend of security via self-custody and convenience for DeFi will make smart contract wallets integral to crypto’s future.

As decentralized finance and applications grow increasingly popular, crypto users need secure ways to store assets and interact with DApps. Smart contract wallets have emerged as a leading wallet solution that provides convenience while maintaining user control. But how do these non-custodia