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ServiceNow Micro-Cert Application Developer User Interface Creator

Possess the skills and essential knowledge to create and configure web-based workspace and custom portal experiences within UI Builder using Next Experience Components and custom web components.

ServiceNow Vancouver Delta CSA

Learned the new changes being implemented within the Vancouver edition. I learned that I can manage catalog items via the Catalog Builder or navigate to the Service Catalog while using the classic Platform view.

Scrum Alliance Scrum Master

Adheres to Scrum as it is defined in the Scrum Guide

● Facilitates Scrum events and maintains Scrum artifacts

● Works to remove team and organizational impediments

ServiceNow Micro-Cert - Predictive Intelligence

I learned how Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are used to categorize, route, and prioritize issues automatically, and how to find and group similar records.

ServiceNow Micro-Cert - Flow Designer

Flow Designer is a platform feature that enables process automation capabilities within a single design environment. Natural language is used to configure the automation of approvals, tasks, notifications, and record operations without coding.

ServiceNow Micro Cert- Performance Analytics

Assessed my knowledge of Performance Analytics architecture, deployment, and configuration to enable out-of-box content and provide process optimization insights to process owners and managers within your organization.

ServiceNow Micro Cert- Agile & Test Managment

Agile and Test Management Implementation has helped me gain skills in providing deep insights into the dynamic intersection of agile methodologies and effective test management within the Servicenow ecosystem.


ServiceNow has allowed me to gain impressive experience and knowledge to guarantee automated processes. Whether it's from a technical aspect or a nontechnical aspect.  In the process of it all,  I've learned how ServiceNow can help businesses meet their SLA goals, workarounds, and problem management that keeps them functioning and meeting deadlines.

Scrum Fundamentals Certified

SBOK Guide

Scrum Principles

Scrum Aspects and Processes

Business Intelligence Foundation

Fundamentals of the History of BI

Agile and effective decision-making skills

Data Relationship models

CompTIA Security+

Understand and use the most recent advancements in cybersecurity technology, terms, techniques, and tools. By acquiring early career skills in the latest trends such as automation, zero trust, risk analysis, operational technology, and IoT, you will be well-equipped to excel in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape

Lean Six Sigma GreenBelt

Improve process quality

Focus on customer requirements

Be flexible and thorough

Lean Six Sigma YellowBelt

Improve project success

Take control of your own improvements

Solve team-based problems


Focus on value

Improved productivity

Improved delivery of third-party services

Improved customer satisfaction 

Confluence Fundamentals Badge

Jira Fundamentals Badge