Splunk Certfications

DOD Mandatory Controlled Unclassified Information Training

AWS Academy Cloud Foundations

Identity and Access Management


Built a VPC and launched a Web Server

Lab Amazon EC2

Lab Built a Database Server


Servicenow Fundamentals

Hands-on labs


Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

Operations and Incident Response

Architecture and Design

Governance, Risk, and Compliance


Cybersecurity Bootcamp for Women

NIST Framework

Overall grade 98%

Fundamentals of cyber security

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Roles within cybersecurity

Vulnerabilty Management

Received hands-on lab training.

Six phases of the Vulnerability Management lifecycle

Create a custom list of QIDs from the Qualys KnowledgeBase

Create and use Asset Groups to manage host assets in your subscription

Create and use Asset Tags to manage host assets in your subscription

Create and use report templates and discover the different source, filter, and display options within a template

Create and edit user accounts and work with Business Unit

Identify the essential components of a Remediation Policy


    • Help identify attacks and vulnerabilities to mitigate them before they infiltrate IS
    • Understand secure virtualization, secure application deployment, and automation concepts
    • Identify and implement the best protocols and encryption
    • Understand the importance of compliance

    Mastercard Virtual Experience

    Design a phishing email simulation

    Interpret phishing simulation results

    SAP Virtual Internship

    Password Management

    Industry Analysis/Impact Analysis

    Principles of Defense

    Windows Hardening Techniques (Windows Server 2019)



    • Design and implement networks
    • Support the creation of virtualized networks
    • Configure, manage and maintain network devices
    • Use devices, such as switches and routers, to segment network traffic and create resilient networks
    • Troubleshoot network problems
    • Identify the benefits and drawbacks of existing network configurations
    • Implement network security, standards, and protocols

    IBM Cybersecurity Analyst

    Completed 8 courses.

    Achieved a 98%

    Completed a case study on cybersecurity data breaches

    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

    Understanding approaches to process mapping

    Identifying areas for improvement

    Reduce waste in their business processes

    Improve quality and efficiency

    Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

    Provide Customer Ssatisfaction

    Employee Satisfaction

    Better Collaborations

    Customer Loyalty 


    Agile and scrum management

    Issue management



    Break down team silos

    Create meeting notes

    Collaborate and document

    Organize ideas, and content 

    Project Management

    Organizational Culture

    Career Development

    Strategic Thinking Change Management

    Project Management


      Framework- Political Factors, Economic Factors, Legal Factors, and Technological Factors

      Elements- Plan, Improve, Engage, Design/Transition, Obtain/Build, and Deliver/support

      Better management of business risk and service disruption